Stock Pick: Ethos Capital: Independent analyst Greame Korner

12 Oct 2017

Business Day TV
12 OCT 2017

Graeme Korner from Korner Perspective chose EPE CAPITAL PARTNERS LTD / R 8.7 / +3.57% as his stock pick of the day

Independent Technical Analyst, Frans de Klerk and Graeme Korner from Korner Perspective are on the show as guests. Graeme prepared a few slides to help people understand what Ethos Capital is, because he mentions that Ethos Capital, is the kind of share that many people will be completely unfamiliar with.

Forward to c.10 mins 50 secs for the Ethos Capital segment.

Or click here to watch Graeme Korner’s ‘stock pick’ opinion on Ethos Capital.  

View Graeme’s slides here  or visit Korner Perspective website.